About Me

I decided to set up this service as so many women seem to be suffering at the hands of a fragmented, impersonal maternity system. I passionately believe in every woman's right to informed choice and continuity of care during this intimate and special time.

I have been a practising Midwife for the last fourteen years; have a BSc Hons degree in Midwifery; am a qualified nurse; and have a degree in Latin American Politics. I work part-time at a maternity hospital in West London where I run an antenatal clinic, help women to deliver their babies, teach birth preparation classes and do postnatal visits. I am also a qualified Birthlight antenatal YOGACISE instructor and a level one Iyengar yoga teacher. I also run breastfeeding classes & a postnatal support group.

I was a One-to-One Midwife for 5 years which involved caring for women from the beginning of discovering they were pregnant, delivering their baby, through to discharging them at 28 days. My professional experience includes being the lead midwife at numerous hospital births, water births, homebirths and even a home breech delivery. As an NHS employee I also attend regular compulsory updates of neonatal resuscitation skills, obstetric emergency training and breastfeeding workshops.

I have two children and although they were both born at home in water, I am a strong advocate of personal informed choice. Having had first hand experience of postnatal depression I am well aware of the stigma attached to it and although I breastfed both children successfully I did not find it easy.

I also run a specialist clinic for women with female genital mutilation (female circumcision), as part of my work for the NHS in West London.